2018-06-05: Comprehensive overview: POCs and Real-life Implementations of Blockchain - SHE Blockchainers Asia
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2018-06-05: Comprehensive overview: POCs and Real-life Implementations of Blockchain

she blockchainers meetup singapore 20180605
Singapore, Upcoming events
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About This Project

Blockchain as a technology is now being tried, tested and used across various industries and sectors. Governments are looking at how they can use it to transform the way records are kept and how it can also benefit citizens. With the recent uptrend in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the value that it can deliver, has been outshined and the legitimacy questioned. With all the hype of specific blockchain products that are still in development, the use cases by existing blockchains are going unnoticed. The presentation will give an overview of the various use cases that are either in the proof-of-concept stage, implementation stage and in use across industries.

About Speaker:
Anisha Kundu is leading the C-Suite program at Smartkarma, Asia’s largest independent ecosystem for investment research. She comes with over 10 years in the financial services industry across the spectrum from large corporates to start-ups. She has worked at J.P. Morgan as a buy-side credit analyst, at CRISIL Limited (a Standard and Poor’s company) managing clients, and in various capacities as an AVP at Marvelstone Capital. Anisha holds an MBA from NUS Business School and Fudan School of Management, Shanghai.