2018-03-27: Power, Future Women in Blockchain - SHE Blockchainers Asia
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2018-03-27: Power, Future Women in Blockchain

she blockchainers meetup singapore 20180327 she blockchainers meetup singapore 20180327 she blockchainers meetup singapore 20180327

This event is co-organized by SHE Blockchainers, Ethereum Singapore, Digix Global and sponsored by Eximchain.

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About This Project

Ask Me Anything (AMA) by Hope Liu, CEO of Eximchain: Power, Future Women in Blockchain

Our AMA session will be led by Hope Liu, CEO of Eximchain, who’s featured on Forbes as one of the “Five Female Rock Stars Leading the Crypto Scene in 2018”.

The tech industry is well-known to be male-dominated and the digital currency space, as a subset, has shown itself to be no different, with some studies and research even showing that space might be more male-dominated than the general technology industry. In recent times, however, the crypto space is seeing encouraging signs in terms of gender diversity – female speakers are becoming more visible and the number of female attendees has increased over time.

Hope is one of the female leaders on the frontier of using blockchain technology to create better supply chain infrastructure. She will share her experience and personal story in leading a global team and managing a B2B blockchain enterprise solutions company since 2015 as a female CEO/Co-Founder in this male-dominated industry.

######## Speaker ########

Hope Liu, CEO of Eximchain

Hope is a veteran in the supply chain space. She handled cross-border transactions at UBS Asia for 6.5 years. She is the Lab Lead of the North America Blockchain Association and has been working on Eximchain from the MIT Media Lab since 2015. She has a B.A. from Peking University and MBA from MIT.

Follow her on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/hope-liu-9ab4a2101/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/hopeEximchain).

About Eximchain

Eximchain enables businesses to connect, transact, and share information more efficiently and securely through our blockchain utility infrastructure. Using Eximchain blockchain technology, enterprises can eliminate traditional supply chain barriers and integrates actors big and small into an efficient, transparent, and secure global network.